Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tell Me the Good News

RedHead's mom came over today to check on Da'Gorgeouses. Seems they've lost a bit of weight, LongRifle is down to 24.14 lbs, Pistol 23.14 lbs. They were sick for those 2 weeks, they're much more active, and now that it's getting warmer they aren't as hungry. Lengthwise they were 33 1/2 & 32 1/2 inches respectively. Overall health check = very good!

Da'Gorgeouses yearly IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) was today. That's where all the involved parties, parents, teacher, CVRC caseworker, etc. gather at a meeting to discuss the progress and future goals and objectives (plans) for the child, or as in our case 2 children. The date of the IFSP should coincide with the birthdate/month of said child and since we have two, we plan for two meetings on the same day. These things take A LONG time, Joan & Veronica arrived at 3:30 pm the meeting started and they didn't leave until almost 6! DrillSgt. is lucky because he has that affliction that allows him just to hear a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep after someone has been talking for too long, not me, I have to focus and listen. Everything went well though, Da'Gorgeouses are have solid social/emotional/adaptive strengths, fine motor strengths, communication strengths and cognitive strengths at the 18 - 24 month range with some sills at the 24-30 month and a few skills at the 30-36 month range. Not bad for 23 week preemies. The one area they need to work on and they are slightly behind in is the Physical Development area, where they are solid at the 15 -18 month range with a few scattered skills to 36 months---group and summertime activities should help with that. It's hard to believe but they only have one year left of the Bright Start program. I'm so proud they're doing so well.

Since today was kind of hectic, we decided to get out a bit and go out to dinner. Our favorite Mexican restaurant is where we headed and Da'Gorgeouses just love to be out and about. As soon as we arrived they scoped out the place, there were only the staff for them to entertain, but they made sure to get their attention by smiling and saying hi. So we sat them in their high chairs and the madness began. Agua, they started yelling after the waitress dropped off our drink order and forgot to bring theirs--lol!! Then there was all kinds of squealing and singing until our food order arrived, once our plates were set down and it was cool enough to eat Da'Gorgeouses began to enjoy their food. LongRifle would take a bite and yell out "I LOVE it!!" AFTER every bite--too cute, but I was somewhat saddened that my food very rarely elicits such accolades. They even ate every single bite. As we prepared to leave Da'Gorgeouses, now finished with their food, were able to scan the room and notice there were other customers in the restaurant. Seeing as how they are used to being the center of attention, Da'Gorgouses made sure to smile and wave bye-bye to each and every person on their way out.




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