Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yucky Hot

I didn't know Curious George celebrates his birthday on June 28th! That's super cool. DrillSgt. want to take Da'Gorgeouses but I just know it's going to be stinkin' hot already. It would be loads of fun, and besides what else are we going to do on that day? Heck, it's for a good cause too. Da'Gorgeouses watch public television all the time, so much they can recognize the little logo, Pistol saw it the other day on a coloring page that had been downloaded from there and pointed at it and said, "PBS." (That PBS kids logo is the one she recognizes, she even recognizes the Sesame Street sign & will say "neme treat")

So today was Kids day @ our local fair. We were given a paper that allowed us to get in free b/t the hours of 9:30 am and 1:30 pm because Da'Gorgeouses are a part of the county program. Grammy wanted to go but had a doctor's appointment and we waited for her. Didn't get out there until 12:30 and it was yucky hot by then. We took a quick look at the animals, had lunch, grabbed a free balloon and headed on home. When it comes to heat Da'Gorgeouses must have gotten all of my genes, no one in my family (except Welo---"It's not hotter than viet*nam" he always tells us) can stand it, we immediately flush, our cheeks turn beet red and the look on our faces is one of sheer disgust that we even have to be anywhere out in that kind of weather. That being said, I think the fact that they both waited until we were heading home to throw a temper tantrum says A LOT!

DrillSgt. bbq'd a mean tri-tip tonight and we discovered that Pistol if given a piece of meat that is too big will only chew twice and swallow?! Where does that come from? LongRifle worked hard on her piece of meat that was too big, I quickly took the meat DrillSgt. had cut and re-cut them making them A LOT smaller. It was a nice dinner after that (gone was the choking hazard) and they both finished their tri-tip, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon and a small piece of chocolate muffin given to them by Welo. Funny how they both think all cake looking foods are now "birthday cake." Pistol took awhile to even eat hers, she inspected it, turned it over then turned it right side up and even went so far as to sniff it before she ate it (sound like anyone you know ta-ta-ta?), once all that was done into her mouth it went. By that time LongRifle was almost finished with hers and even though it was almost all gone, she was still trying to blow out the pretend candle on her piece.




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