Saturday, June 21, 2008


Do you want to go walking? DrillSgt. asked Pistol. "Of course I do." was her reply. My dad, asked me during dinner. "You don't talk to them like they're babies anymore do you?" I looked over at him and said, "Not when they answer me like mini-grownups. Just listen to the way they speak. There's no sense in baby talking to them, unless it's during a cuddle or spoiling session, and even then they know what I'm doing and why I'm talking to them that way. It makes them smile."

Want to know how to tire out and exhaust two 2 year olds? Take them swimming. We took Da'Gorgeouses outside to our mini pool and played for about an hour, long enough for Pistol's feet to get all wrinkly and pruned. They fought us to come in though. Both DrillSgt. and I said, "Okay, it's time to go inside now." Pistol's answer, "No thanks, not yet." LongRifle just said, "No, not yet." The only way I was able to get them indoors without a total meltdown was to promise a bath. They needed a bath after that pool water, it still smells like plastic. I know it's weird for me to say that, but for some reason that smell just really gets to me. They were exhausted after that and pretty much asking to for jammies, diaper and bed right after dinner. They did make it until 8 pm, but were so ready for bed after that. I think I'll check into the municipal pool swim classes like the ones we enrolled them in last year. They both love the water so much.

DrillSgt's back pain is improving. We had to postpone and reschedule our Disneyland trip, but I'm sure by then he'll be in much better shape to handle it. I'd never seen him in so much pain, but this injury was pretty bad. I'm happy that at least now he has a greater range of motion and can even pick up his leg to put his pants on. No, he wasn't walking around without pants, and no he didn't ask me to help him (although I did offer to help with his shoes), and even when I did offer he never took me up on it. He's pretty independent that DrillSgt. of mine, and wasn't about to let this injury get the best of him. True to his USMC background his mantra this past week and a half has been "pain is weakness leaving the body."


Joy June 22, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

I have a mini grown up 2 year old too, it's so adorable.
My kids love the water, and isn't it nice how it wipes them out and they're ready for bed, its heaven!



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