Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sisters and Friends

Yesterday was Marisa's last day, "how sad" LongRifle said said when I told her she was leaving. They had a great time with her, they always do. LongRifle showed off and sang her ABC's all the way through. Pistol kept talking up a storm, making up her own sentences depending on the context of the situation. I'm sure as she was leaving they didn't quite understand that she won't be back to visit them for about 6weeks, but she did mention something about stopping by her work on their group day. She's a little addicted to them I think, which is okay, I know exactly how she feels and I'm with them every day!

I realized they're starting to bond a little more. Not that they aren't always close, but I'm noticing that they are including each other in things a little more, and they're verbalizing it. After I got them ready in the morning, LongRifle wanting to head down the hall towards the living room, came running back in and said, "Come on Sissy, let's go!" The same thing happened during Marisa's visit, only this time it was Pistol including LongRifle. She looked at me, pointed and said, "Going to sit over there," then she turned toward her sister and said, "Come on sissy!" LongRifle's reply, "okay!" They wake up giggling and laughing, or sometimes when they're fighting sleep they'll giggle and laugh. If I leave them alone and go back when all is quiet, after they've fallen asleep, I find that they've traded all of the stuffed animals into one crib. Last night they played peek-a-boo and I kept hearing them laugh and giggle and LongRifle would say "again, sissy, again." There's nothing better than having your sister as a friend.




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