Monday, June 30, 2008

So You Had A GREAT Day!

I'm officially 38! I had a great day today. My bff sent me a text, my mom, sis, aunt and compadre called to wish me a happy birthday & Pistol (without any prompting) told me "happy birthday mamá" this morning at breakfast! How cool is that?! I will admit that I skipped water aerobics, I wanted to sleep in today and get a good rest before our trip. That will probably be the best nights rest I'll have for the next 4 days. I always end up sleeping with LongRifle and since she's a future gymnast, I get very little sleep.

I finally figured out why LongRifle has been so whiny and moody lately, she's cutting her 2 year molars. I took a look in there and it looks brutal. She was chomping down on ice at the party yesterday and her mouth started bleeding, I couldn't really see anything, but I figured that's what was up. When I looked today, everything seemed okay, but her gums were swollen and the one on her right side is doing it's best to work it's way through.




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