Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We're on "holiday" (said in that British accent I do so well--LOL!!) Anyway, DrillSgt. and I decided to get brave and take Da'Gorgeouses out for a mini-summer vacation. So we are right now as we speak, in Disneyland. Da'Gorgeouses have been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks, I think they're excited to see the princesses! Wish us luck and say a few prayers that both DrillSgt and I return with our sanity---LOL!! J/K, Da'Gorgeouses are angels and we are getting so much better at travelling with them. Travelling anywhere with twins is really a learning experience and every time we do it we learn something new. Take our last trip to Long Beach for instance, on that trip I learned that even though Da'Gorgeouses sleep in a bed with each of us, we still need to set up the travel crib so we have somewhere to contain them, in case one of us needs to do something (like take a shower or go to the bathroom). On that trip I also learned that there are many hazards in a hotel room ie., the room itself is not very kid-friendly. Electrical cords, TVs, drawers, mirrors hanging from the wall, all these things are expertly placed to lure small two year olds to some type of accident. BTW, very few of these rooms accommodate a stroller, and how can you possibly take twin 2 year olds to a theme park or aquarium without a stroller?! When we get back I'll be sure to let you know what other useful tips I learned. Four days outside of our home, I'll bet I learn A LOT!!




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