Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Vacation?!

We had one busy day today. At one point during the day, DrillSgt. looked over at me and said, "I don't really feel like I'm off, I guess we won't really feel that for another 16 years right?!" (Welcome to my world baby! 24/7/7, no pay, but the rewards are OUTSTANDING!!) DrillSgt. and I took Da'Gorgeouses to storytime at the library today. They were excited to be there again. I figured during the weeks they have off from group, it would be a good thing to take them to the library. What I didn't anticipate was that DrillSgt. would want to stay for the craft. It turned out to be just a little too long for Da'Gorgeouses. We'll be sure to leave after the stories next week. We did sign them up for the summer reading program, since they're only 2 we just log the books we read to them. We read 10 today, only because the 5 they read at the library count towards your log (I'm not cheating, those are the rules!). I think it will be a good thing to track how much reading we do. Just between you and me, I let LongRifle read Goodnight Gorilla to me, and wouldn't you know, she did a darn good job!

Our trip to the library was followed by a quick trip to Office Max. We're still dealing with some issues from the stolen purse incident we had back in March. I hate this stuff, it's like being victimized all over again.

After lunch Da'Gorgeouses went right down for their nap, didn't even make a fuss. As a matter of fact, LongRifle agreed that she was sleepy and ready for bed. While they slept, DrillSgt and I worked on some paperwork he had due for school. It took a LONG time to finish it all up, and that was with both of us working on it. Da'Gorgeouses even woke up from their nap before it was all finished. It means a little extra money for us, so overall it was time well spent. J was supposed to meet with us today, she called 10 minutes before her scheduled arrival time to reschedule. Mind you, she told me she had taken the day off, umm...couldn't she have called and told me she wouldn't be coming this morning?! Ugghhh, 'nuff said!

Usually when I return from my Tuesday meeting Da'Gorgeouses are there, smiling faces, saying "Hi mamá!" but not today. I looked out the kitchen window and sure enough DrillSgt had taken them outside to play. I figured I'd take advantage of them having a great time outside (they were getting all wet with the water hose, using their water table, and playing on all of the outdoor toys) so I went ahead and started cooking dinner. Funny thing was, DrillSgt. left them in their cute little dresses so he had to ask for a couple of towels and leave their dresses drying outside before he could bring them back in. They had played so much and worked up such an appetite they were definitely ready for dinner.

I'm exhausted tonight, so I'd better head off for bed. I "plan" to get up super early to try to make the local water aerobics class? Anyone want to make any bets as to whether I make it or not? LOL!!




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