Monday, June 9, 2008

Ta-Ta-Ta gets her Twinnie Fix

Yesterday we headed over to visit ta-ta-ta and NoMike. Da'Gorgeouses just ADORE them. Ta-ta-ta was greeted with squeals and a big hug from both Pistol and LongRifle and she loves to see them because then she gets her "twinnie" fix. She can usually go about 2 weeks and then either we visit or they drive down and visit us, I keep telling her she could have one of her own, and then she wouldn't need a "twinnie" fix, she's somehow still not convinced---lol!!

They chased her cats, played with the box of toys she has stashed especially for their visits, messed with the remote control to the TV, jumped on her bed, tried to pull her computer wires, sat on her lap and took pictures. They had a BLAST!! They showed off their skills, I think every time she sees them they do something new for her. Heck, I'm with them every day, every minute of the day and not a single day goes by that they don't impress me. Yesterday Pistol learned the word receipt and was able to use it correctly while at ta-ta-ta's house without being prompted. How do they do that?!

Did I forget anything about our visit ta-ta-ta? Leave a comment if I did.




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