Monday, June 2, 2008

I Entered A Contest

Well, Grammy & Welo called to tell us that they've finally arrived. It was a long drive for them, but luckily they had a little extra company (and another driver) my TioWillie. I just have to tell you about my Tio, he's a great guy! When we were younger, my parents would take us down to MV to visit their family. I remember one time in particular, we were teenagers and we all went to the mall. Wouldn't you know my Tio barked like a seal SUPER loud in the middle of the mall, just to embarrass us?! Over the years his humor has changed, or maybe it's just now that I'm older. On our wedding day, as we opened the gifts, there was a beautiful set of lingerie someone had given me. You know what he said? He said, "You know how I shop for lingerie? Well, I throw it on the floor, if it looks good there then I buy it! That's where it's going to end up anyway!" My mouth just about fell to the ground and I still laugh until my stomach hurts when I think of that. I don't think they had any problem staying awake with his great sense of humor. Funny thing is, he has a really calm, soothing voice, so that makes his jokes even funnier. The best thing I love about him has to be the BIG BEAR hugs he gives----DEFINITELY the BEST!!

In other news, I entered an amateur photo contest. By no means do I think I'm a wonderful photographer, but something just called to me to enter this one. The title was "Motherhood" and it's being held by Kacey. I read it, and knew exactly which picture I wanted to enter, I just had to hunt for it on my external drive. You can head over there and check it out, and check out the other entries (and vote for the one you like best), just click on the link above. I'd love to improve my photography skills, just to get better at taking photos of Da'Gorgeouses. I'd love to get my hands on Adobe Photoshop and learn how to use it too, but for now I'll settle for a little extra time to actually learn how to use my DSLR in something other than autoEVERYTHING.

So far Da'Gorgeouses have survived without seeing their grandparents since Saturday, I wonder how long it will be before they actually start asking?!


Holly June 3, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

Hi, I saw the picture at Wine on the Keyboard and just had to visit your blog. My little one was born ten weeks early so I know the emotions that go hand in hand with that picture. I love your bio too, I feel exactly the same way about being blessed. I guess having a preemie does that to a person! I'll be back another time:)



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