Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A First For Me

My attempt at making home made flour tortillas before DrillSgt. left for work failed miserably. It's not that I didn't follow the recipe, it's that I didn't have all of the right ingredients. Now, I will whole heartedly admit that I have NEVER made DrillSgt. home made flour tortillas in the entire 12 years that we've been married. I have made home made corn tortillas and those turn out pretty yummy. Part of the reason I've never attempted to make the flour ones is because I have repeatedly asked my mom (Grammy) for the recipe she uses and she has never given it to me. The other part is that I have never wanted him to end up "expecting" them---LOL!! He always speaks nostalgically about how he remembers waking up at 5 am just to eat home made flour tortillas his mom would make for his dad before going to work. The last part is that I really don't need the temptation of having them in front of me to eat, I have a hard enough time with my weight as it is!

Anyway, I followed this recipe that I found on the Internet, I figured 1) it had to be pretty close to the one my mom uses since the website has "Texas" in it, and 2) you can't really go wrong with a recipe that says "abuelita" (grandmother) in it! So I tried it again for this evening's dinner (to avoid too much temptation I cut the recipe in half), and I'll have to say they turned out pretty good for it being my first attempt (oh yeah, I also used the butter flavored vegetable shortening). DrillSgt. had no complaints, (I think he's pretty much figured out what happens when he complains about my cooking) but the best part is that both Pistol and LongRifle asked for more. They even learned and used the word tortillas tonight. I might get brave enough to ask my aunt for her famous recipe, her tortillas just melt in your mouth and they stay soft for several days (she makes them in huge batches), but I'm pretty sure her secret is lard (I'm so not going there).

Da'Gorgeouses and I also went to have lunch with DrillSgt. today. Since this is the last week of school I figured it would be fun and not too disruptive if we went and had lunch with him on campus. Da'Gorgeouses were super excited when I mentioned it this morning, and absolutely thrilled once we arrived. We were almost late, our neighbor dropped by unexpectedly for a visit and stayed to chat awhile. She got a real kick when I told her what Pistol had said to me this morning. I asked Pistol if she was ready for breakfast, her reply, "of course." My neighbor told me I have grown up kids not 2 year olds for children. Anyway, we did make it on time and Da'Gorgeouses were a big hit. J. was super impressed at how very different their personalities are, she was really impressed with Pistol's vocabulary and speech. The rest of DrillSgt's department is comprised of men, so you know, they just thought they were pretty cute to look at---LOL!!

It was nice to get out for awhile and I ran into some of my former students. One in particular totally shocked me, he came up and gave me a big hug and asked if I remembered him, I said, "Well, I remember your face and that I used to call you Wolverine, but I can't for the life of me remember your name." He broke out into a smile, told me his name and that he would be graduating this year. Man, do I feel old! If I really think about it, the first class I ever taught as a full-time teacher, well, they're all about 26 now, and I'm not even going to think about some of kids that were seniors when I did my student teaching. I will say one thing though, it sure is nice to be remembered.


Holly June 4, 2008 at 9:52 AM  

We're (the little flower and I) just sitting here rocking out to Brown Eyed Girl while I read, LOL. I feel the same way about Pioneer Woman...can't get enough!



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