Saturday, July 26, 2008


We head out camping tomorrow and I'm both nervous and excited. I'm not the kind of person that's really big on camping, not at all the outdoorsy type, but I can actually say I'm excited for Da'Gorgeouses. I really think they're going to love it. I mean all their cousins around, the great outdoors, water, bugs, animals, lots of food, smores, sleeping in a tent, all the new first-time experiences! I seriously doubt they'll sleep very much, LongRifle in particular, she's has super X-men hearing capabilities so I'll bet she's up at the crack of dawn telling me she heard the sun rise up over the mountains.

Speaking of LongRifle telling me things, that girl cracked me up today. I was getting ready to change her diaper and placed her on the changing table, she suddenly put her hand out in front of my face and shouted "STOP! Stop mamá, stop!" when I didn't pay any attention to her and proceeded with what I was doing she said, "Why you no listen to me?!" I just about died laughing! There's only ONE person in our family she could have picked up that phrase from....WELO!! Plenty of times growing up I've heard that phrase, and in listening to him correct Da'Gorgeouses I know he's still using it. "Stop, why don't you listen to me?!" My father's voice coming straight to me from my own child. How cool is that?

Grammy brought Welita (theG) over to visit. She took her to the pool so that she could watch Da'Gorgeouses swim today. They did very well, LongRifle went underwater (with help) and liked it so much she asked to do it again a couple of more times. Pistol wasn't too thrilled with the whole thing so she only did it once. She was content to fill up and pour water out of a bucket and back into the pool. She would entertain herself like that for hours if we let her. Pistol will keep to herself most of the time, she will interact with the pool staff and her sister but she's not too interested in playing with the other kids nearby, at least not yet. LongRifle however, immediately began bossing the other tiny tot around, "come back" she shouted or "get the ring!" she'd say, I had to remind her to at least say please. The little boy was a good sport, but for the most part he enjoys keeping to himself too---I guess I can't blame him, who wants to spend their half hour in the pool being bossed around by a girl?! (Hmmm, now that I think of it, DrillSgt. has been spending an awful lot of time this summer outside by himself)---LOL!!




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