Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just the Thought Frightens Me

Da'Gorgeouses and I were home alone yesterday morning, DrillSgt. had some appointments to keep and errands to run. Of course both Pistol and LongRifle woke up and were talking up a storm when I went in to get them. LongRifle was telling me, "Change diaper mamá", my usual phrase after good morning my babies, how did you sleep? Pistol looked at me and said, "I don't want change diaper mamá. I do it myself." Don't I wish! Of course, if she could do that she would no longer need a diaper right?! Everything I read about potty training assures me that they won't be going to college in a diaper.

Did I mention that potty training frightens me? I've read lots of horror stories about accidents all over the floor, in the kitchen, in the living room, the need to call in the carpet cleaners after the entire ordeal is done. Just yesterday I read an article in American Baby magazine that said even at 4, 5 and 6 accidents happen. Believe me, I've got that one down, Elmo Potty Time has a wonderful song about accidents happen. Da'Gorgeouses are working on potty training themselves though. They ask to sit on the potty (although they don't do anything---well, Pistol did pee in it once, but I think it was an accident). They do tell me when they're going poo-poo some times, although every time I try to put them on the potty when I know they're going they proceed to shut down all production lines(which only ends up making it a miserable experience---the NEXT DAY---for all involved). They don't have dry spells yet, so I think they're just practicing for when they're actually ready. Grammy is convinced the time is coming soon (she brags she had me potty trained by the time I was 1, but when I really press her on the matter she admits that maybe I had her well trained to take me to the bathroom). All I know is, having Da'Gorgeouses potty trained sure would save us A LOT of money. Personally, right now I think I've got a better shot at teaching them to name all the color and shapes.

Anyway, the reason I even mention this subject is because we had a late night due to a potty episode. Poor LongRifle was having a time of it and she was causing Pistol to stay awake (I think after the last few nights Pisol was finally ready to fall asleep on time). Anyway, while LongRifle was crying I could hear Pistol telling her "Go mimís, I go mimí's, I fall asleep sissy. Lay down." Eventually, she ended up crying with her and telling her, "Go poo-poo sissy, go poo-poo." Poor kid, I think she was just exhausted. After finishing her business and getting her diaper changed (well, we changed both of their diapers) they were finally able to lay down and fall fast asleep. Maybe I could teach them to change each other's diaper?!! LOL!!


gardngirl July 15, 2008 at 5:17 PM  

Don't worry, Mamachanga...It's really not as bad as it may seem. When they are ready,it will be easy. The girls are smart. They have excellent communication skills which helps a lot.

I heard horror stories too and dreaded Red being in the training phase. Honestly, it was a breeze. He had a few accidents, thankfully nothing major :)

Good luck!

MamaBriggs July 19, 2008 at 6:25 AM  

Potty training frightens me too!

I came across your blog from "I'm living proff that god has a sense of humor"

What a wonderful blessing, 2 healthy girls. I also have twins, but 2 boys.

Your girls are beautiful!!



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