Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Peanut Butter to My Jelly...

DrillSgt. has made plans. He just cracks me up! We are supposed to head out tomorrow to a local concert in the park, I'm apprehensive (all I can tell you is that I have a real problem with change and new environments) but I'm also looking forward to it. I'm so thankful to have married a man that is adventurous and daring and always ready & willing to try something new. What can I say? He's the yang to my yin, the peanut butter to my jelly...he completes me.

Now that he's home for the summer I'm enjoying reconnecting with him even more. Sure he's busy and out doing yard work or catching up on errands he doesn't get to during the school year, but we aren't as tired in the evenings and have the opportunity to actually have conversations that revolve around adult topics like the economy, politics, finances, our future and what we can do to make those strawberry margaritas even yummier! And laugh...boy do we laugh. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, besides all the other reasons I've already mentioned in previous posts, I married him because he makes me laugh. Not a day goes by without laughter in our home, most often due to the witty conversations we have. Even during the tough times, the struggles we endured, the scary NICU days, DrillSgt. has always managed to make me laugh. We are at a point in our marriage where we can enjoy the laughter and rejoice in the sound of Da'Gorgeouses joining in, Pistol with her rumbling infectious belly laugh, LongRifle laughing so that her eyes twinkle merrily. I hope someday they will remember growing up in a house filled with laughter and happiness, built upon a strong foundation of faith, hope and love, LOTS and LOTS of LOVE.




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