Sunday, August 10, 2008

Almost There!

DrillSgt. and I are almost done fixing up Da'Gorgeouses playroom. It's been a real chore (especially for him---lots of heavy things to move out of there) but overall we're pleased with the results. We have a few things left to do, we just removed the daybed & trundle (of course this means we no longer have a spare bedroom for guests, but we will once again have a living room! Hooray!! I think Da'Gorgeouses will be pleased to have their own space, full of all accessible toys. They'll even have a TV w/ video/DVD player, all their DVDs and videos are in the mommy only bookshelf, their own bookshelf with all tons of books and a new toy storage area. DrillSgt. bolted everything to the wall, and strapped the TV, it's a true childsafe zone. I'll see if I can take and post pics of it later (I almost wish I'd taken before pictures---but thinking about it, I'm glad I didn't it was such a mess!), right now I just need a little rest. Wall decorations and such will have to come later.


Joy August 11, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

Can't wait to see pictures. It is so nice to get toys out of the living room. Enjoy your new space, I'm sure the girls will enjoy theirs.



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