Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pistol's Other Twin

It's true, Pistol and LongRifle are twins, there's no denying it, but she also has a personality twin, my sis, her Tia Na-Na. Have I mentioned that Pistol is the one that quite often makes me crazy? If I had any time for it, she's the one that would drive me to drink! She's super smart, witty, headstrong, assertive, wants everything her way, and to top it off, she's 2 going on 30---LOL!! Now, before I go any further I must add something, I LOVE and ADORE my sister, I enjoy hanging out with her, shopping with her is a blast! I miss her dearly and will often pick up the phone to talk to her, AND if she's in trouble my entire life pretty much stops until I figure out how I can help her. That being said, Tia Na-Na is pretty much an older version of Pistol (only now she's 30+ going on 16), if she weren't my sis AND my best friend (holder and confidant privy to all my secrets) and I didn't love her so much, to tell you the truth, she probably wouldn't be in my life---she's always made me nuts---LOL!! (I know you're reading this, laughing and nodding your head, you know it's all true)

Anyway, whenever we go visit or hang out with Tia Na-Na and TioMike (which we did this weekend) Pistol is attached to her at the hip. This time was no exception, and quite frankly, was probably a little worse. Any time we lost sight of Tia Na-Na, Pistol would howl, tears would drip down her beautiful face and she would scream, "Tia Na-Na, where's Tia Na-Na? I want Tia Na-Na!!", it was hilarious and at the same time a little scary. We went shopping at Tar*get and as soon as we put Pistol in the cart she looked over at my sis and said, "Tia Na-Na DRIVE!", that was the last I saw of my child for at least 45 minutes.

I'm glad they get along so well. Tia Na-Na even recognizes Pistol as her personality twin. I truly think she's even avoiding having kids of her own, lest one turn out like her. She says having her double visit is all good, but she's exhausted afterwards. She also adds something about having to be seriously medicated to have one 24/7 (thanks for the compliment!). Believe me when I tell you, it's nothing we've done to make their personalities that way, it's just genetics (if you don't believe me, just ask my mom). The way I see it, God gave me Pistol because I'd already had the practice, not to mention there's a reason for having personality traits like that, when you need it, it helps you to survive. From the time she was born, Pistol's headstrong, fighting, contrary personality shone through, and that's what helped keep her alive. By the way, I've already told Tia Na-Na, Pistol may be headed her way in the future. I've got to have a plan in place if I'm ever to survive those teenage years! LOL!!!


Joy August 11, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

I love seeing other family members in my children. There is just something sweet about it (even if in some ways it's not the best thing LOL) Your sister sounds wonderful ;)



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