Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Unexpected Ending...

Since today was Tuesday and we are in August, and the last calendar I was given said Da'Gorgeouses had Walking Group today I figured that was our plan for the morning, still, I thought I'd call and make sure...good thing I did. Seems that Da'Gorgeouses have both graduated from Walking Therapy group (which is really a good thing, although quite abrupt & unexpected ). I spoke with the PT (physical therapist) and she assured me that although their organization portion of the group was a bit chaotic, she really did feel that Da'Gorgeouses were going to continue to develop the proper walking skills and were in fact, caught up even despite their prematurity. I'm happy to know that the "experts" are telling me the girls are fine, but I still worry (that's my job right?!). I suppose if it's not their motor skill development, it would be something else. I specifically asked her about the toe walking/running they do, she told me that her full-term son still does that. "Don't worry" she said, "I forget where, but I read somewhere that research showed that toe-walkers turn out to be better readers." LOL!! Maybe that's because their parents were overprotective, kept them indoors and in order to keep them busy they read to them a lot!!

I have noticed the improvement though. They are so much more confident. Pistol & LongRifle will sometimes both struggle to walk "by myself" and not hold our hands. Pistol even climbed one of the steps to our home (it's a big, uneven step) and did just fine. She did however, wait for help with the 2nd one (I think she realized it was going to be a long way down with a painful result if she misjudged). I think now that I'm going to be working a couple of days a week, I'll lay out a more defined schedule for us, that will probably help ALL of us stay on track. Also, if we could get them into some playgroup/pre-school even one day a week, with kids in their age group I'm sure that will help them develop those skills even further. I need to check in to that!

Speaking of work, my first training day is tomorrow!! Hooray!!


Leslie August 6, 2008 at 11:38 PM  

oh thats a fantastic milestone... love seeing there progress!!!

what a supportive mama they have...



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