Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crying, Whining, Complaining

I think Da'Gorgeouses may be suffering from a growth spurt again, or maybe they're rebelling at the whole mamá working thing. Whatever the case may be yesterday was a tough day for ALL of us! Crying, whining, complaining, yelling, you name it! Oh yeah and Da'Gorgeouses were pretty bad too---LOL!!

It didn't help much that I had a yearly doc appointment out of town, as much as we tried to get them to nap beforehand they just didn't cooperate well and slept very little. The good thing was, once the doctor came in to check me, they both were super quiet and watched everything he did. I guess they were fascinated that this time it was me being checked out and looked over instead of them. DrillSgt. was good about explaining what was going on, what the doctor was doing and why, and the doc, well he was glad to see the little "miracles" (as he calls them) again.

As for work, well the training went well, just like it was supposed to I suppose. (Poor DrillSgt. looked exhausted after my 3 hour absence). I don't really think you can explain how a teaching situation will run to someone, especially when you're talking about a night class full of adults and high school kids all at different levels, all working on different curriculum. What I can anticipate is a lot of paper work, supervision, and some minor chaos until I can get in there and make it fit me. There is a lot of fine tuning in teaching, constant adjusting to meet the needs of your students while being able to maintain a smooth course, this year of course I've added two new never-before dealt with factors 1) Da'Gorgeouses and 2) a new type of class. Wish me luck, and if you have a chance, send a few positive thoughts & prayers our way.


Kellan August 7, 2008 at 5:52 PM  

Glad the trining went well and the doctor appointment too! Have a good evening - Kellan

Holly August 7, 2008 at 6:19 PM  

The little flower is going through a whining stage as well. I think partly due to teething because the whining usually involves a hand in the mouth. She's also quickly learning that pitching a fit gets results, which I admit is mostly my fault. Good luck and stay strong, LOL! And good thoughts and prayers-done...

gardngirl August 7, 2008 at 8:54 PM  

I know that with Red, changes in routine were difficult especially at around the age dagorgeouses are. There was also lots of crying, whining, complaining. But, once he got used to the "new" schedule, things got lots better.

Hang in there. You will get into a groove. You'll have fun teaching and even more fun with dagorgeouses on your days off!



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