Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Enough

I am beyond thrilled with our new playroom, the other night after Da'Gorgeouses had gone to bed it took me only a few minutes to put everything back where it belonged. Not only is it easy to clean, and serves well to contain the mess in a back room out of every one's sight, but yesterday Pistol and LongRifle cleaned it up ALL BY THEMSELVES!!! I was working on making lunch and told them that they needed to clean up so that I could change their diaper and have lunch ready. They had toys and books scattered all over the ground, I headed out the door to LongRifle singing "clean-up, clean-up" and when I returned 2 minutes later all the toys and books were put away. I was stunned, my mouth fell open and then I broke into a huge smile and clapped and cheered and praised the girls for doing such a wonderful job. I gave them both a huge hug and told them how proud I was they had put everything away by themselves. Then I gave them both a sticker and told them it was specifically for the clean-up job (they are still serious sticker fiends). When DrillSgt. came home I made sure to make a huge deal of telling him what they'd done, he praised them too, we also told Grammy & Welo and they did the same. I'm hoping this will serve to reinforce this wonderful behavior, who knows, maybe we can try this kind of thing with something else (I'm thinking potty training is next on our list).

On a sillier note, Pistol is kicking up her witty sense of humor a notch. The other day I asked her to give me a kiss (getting a kiss from Pistol is like competing for an Olympic gold medal---it takes tons of hard work). She came toward me, put her arms on my shoulders, leaned in...and smacked her lips mid-air! She made NO contact with my skin! So I asked her again, she repeated her actions and laughed, this happened several times, until finally she looked at me super serious and said, "No more kiss, that's... good... enough!"---LOL!! My parents sometimes tell me that she's the one that's going to give me all my grey hairs, that's probably true, but at least I'll be able to look back on moments like these and laugh!


gardngirl August 18, 2008 at 9:24 AM  

It sounds like Pistol has perfected the "Miss-Kiss"!!! That is what we call this flirty display of affection.

Red thinks its hilarious to go in for a big smacker then move outta the way right before that sweet contact! Little stink bugs!



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