Monday, August 18, 2008

Just What We Needed

I was re-reading the online diary I used to keep during the years we were trying to conceive and I came across this entry I wrote on March 15th, 2004. I thought it was funny that I was not only thinking about twins, but about the smallest preemie baby born earlier that year weighing only 12 oz. How strange that two years later I was to give birth to my own twins weighing just over 12 ounces themselves.

I've been thinking about twins lately. My cousin just had twin girls & I still haven't seen them. She delivered them C-section & they were only 2-3 weeks early, they were both fine. Anyway their birth reminded me of the littlest preemie born in TX--- the 12oz Kylie--well I looked & haven't found any updates since her birth. I'm interested in finding out how she & her sister are doing. I think the Rescuing Hug info that was posted on our board was really interesting. You'd think since twins share the same space while developing they would do much better when placed together after being born. My sis & I are 6 yrs apart, nowhere near being twins, but it was always comforting to have her crawl into my bed when she was scared or just couldn't fall asleep. There's nothing like the connection shared with a sibling. Since I was so much older I always felt like she was kind of mine to take care of anyways. Funny how we don't seem to grow out of feelings like those.

DrillSgt. and I went out on a date last night, we hadn't been out alone for a few weeks. It was nice to spend time with him, watch a movie (Mummy 3---I'll have to say if you haven't already watched it, wait until you can rent it), and have dinner. I could tell it'd been awhile, we were both a little tense but did our best to move beyond that. That always seems to happen to us when we go a few weeks without alone time, it's as if we forget how to interact with each other without the Da'Gorgeouses. Who would've thought that could ever happen to us, after all, we did spend the first 10 years of our marriage as a childless couple, even strangers would ask us if we were newlyweds, goodness how things can change so fast! It's so nice to actually sit across from the person you married and admire their features (damn, he looks good), something that doesn't happen when you're each in charge of making sure Da'Gorgeouses are doing okay during mealtime.
When we returned a few hours later to pick up Da'Gorgeouses @ Grammy & Welo's, they proceeded to recount some of the highlights from tonight. Seems that Pistol told Grammy, "leave me alone!" and LongRifle ripped up a book because Welo was focusing on reading Pistol a different book. They both laughed and said they were shocked and surprised by their behaviors. Welo said, "I just don't expect them to do and say things like that, they really surprise me!" LOL!! On a more positive note, Pistol actually ASKED for me to rock her to sleep and LongRifle actually ASKED for DrillSgt. to rock her to sleep---way different that our usual night-time routine, but something both DrillSgt. and I both needed from our girls.


Leslie August 18, 2008 at 1:50 PM  

wow that is amazing that you would write that. A couple months ago I found an entry wrote 2 years to the day that I had Rylan saying that I really felt the Lord preparing my heart to be a mommy.. if only I knew then.



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