Monday, August 25, 2008

To Da'Gorgeouses on Marriage...

Update: My parents arrived in Tx early Sunday morning (2 am Tx time). My grandmother was still in the hospital, and now on oxygen. The plan is for her to be released to return home sometime in the next few days, with oxygen, an electric bed and a home nurse. Thank you for the prayers. I'll keep you all posted.

Someone close to me is struggling right now. I'd like to post my comments from an e-mail I sent her for Da'Gorgeouses to view at a later date...

Marriage is work, I really believe that, but it should be a partnership in
which both parties benefit and make each other the best they can possibly
be. It shouldn't be emotionally and physically draining. DrillSgt. and I have, above all else, a marriage based on friendship, mutual respect and great admiration, and a lot of love for
one another. He is a wonderful man, a loving father and a caring husband,
but besides that he is my best friend. For him, for our girls, and for
myself, I want to be the best that I can be. We've had our ups and
downs, neither of us is perfect. We've had our share of struggles, especially after our greatest dream of becoming parents came true. That saying that "having a child
changes everything" is true, and having 2 at the same time changes it all twice
as much. Having children changes the dynamics in a marriage and it takes
work to reestablish the connection and manuver ourselves comfortably
into our newly added roles. So, what I'm trying to say is that
if your spouse is that person that makes you want to be
the best that you possibly can, AND you are the same
for him, then all the work you put into your marriage is worth it.

As for the distance from your family, you know we are just a phone call or
email away. Our lives may be busy, but your family is always the
safety net if you should ever fall, we are here for
. Family is, and should be, the one true constant in our
lives. Of course the reality is that when you get married you form a new
family, so I suppose we all need a double net, at least until we are sure that
our new net will hold strong.




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