Thursday, September 11, 2008

Begging for a Time-Out?

Okay, so they're still yelling and screaming as I head back out the door to teach that night class. I thought by now they'd be used to it, I guess I was wrong. DrillSgt. decided to stay and visit with Welo & Grammy after dinner last night, he mentioned that Da'Gorgeouses had a GREAT time hanging out there. Unfortunately, they didn't let poor Welo nap, LongRifle hates to see anyone with their eyes closed, she always runs up and either pushes on them and/or yells SUPER loud "WAKE UP!!" repeatedly until they open their eyes. NO ONE ever gets away with it if she's around---LOL!! Grammy had commented how Pistol had been a pill for her earlier in the day. She used the words stubborn and willful, described an episode of throwing food and putting her feet on the table during lunch, all while looking directly at GRAMMY to see if she was watching. She even said that LongRifle turned to her and said, "Grammy, Sissy need a time-out!" Okay, so they understand when they need a time out, now, if I could only get them not to beg for a time-out when the other sissy is in time-out---LOL!!




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