Friday, September 12, 2008

Strengthening the Bonds

I don't know if it's because I'm not feeling well, or because the strain of the last few weeks have finally caught up to me, or maybe it's just because I'm tired; whatever the reason, I found myself yesterday as I picked up Da'Gorgeouses out of their crib missing the fact that I don't get to do that EVERY morning anymore. I miss hearing them giggle and talk to each other before I go in, I miss their excitement and joy in beginning a new day, their smiles and morning silliness. I will admit though, that while I'm at work I really don't have time to think about how much I really miss them (well, all except for this last Wednesday when Irene, our secretary, told me the story about her grandson's first day at daycare and left me an emotional wreck---AND that's that MY MOM/GRAMMY is taking care of them!). Even when I come home they are either finishing up lunch and getting ready for their nap, or already napping. Regardless, this means less time spent with Mamá before I have to leave to teach night class, which runs from 6-9 and brings me home AFTER they've already been tucked in to bed. We do however, make sure that we sit to have dinner as a family before I leave to work.

On the bright side, this means more Papá time, more bonding with sweet Daddy. Papá takes over when I leave, he's left to care for the screaming Gorgeous yelling, "NO Mamá, come back, you NO go to work!" He does things differently than I do, and that's okay. We all have to learn to fit into our new, and ever-changing role as parent of Da'Gorgeouses. And Da'Gorgeouses must learn too, they have to learn to adapt to the difference in personalities and routines, they have to do it now, or else be faced with learning it later in life (a lesson I've seen a few students of mine struggle with over the years). So Papá becomes Da'Gorgeouses strength, their caregiver, their playmate and even the kisser of owies. I don't worry because I know I've left them in strong, capable and loving hands. I know this because they are the same hands that love, and provide, and give me comfort every day.


Joy September 13, 2008 at 6:28 PM  

Working is so hard! I feel for you, it's good for daddy and the girls but it doesn't make it too much easier for mommies. I remember I used to bawl on my way to work because I wanted to be with my babies. I'm thankful I get to do that now.



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