Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off To See Some Old Friends...

Da'Gorgeouses last check up at the HRIC (High Risk Infant Clinic) is this Friday. I don't know why, but going to these things always makes me nervous. I mean, I know they'll do well, but it seriously makes me worry. Maybe it's just dredging up all those old feelings about being back on the hospital grounds, kind of like Pavlov's dog and the bell and the drool, kwim? Going there, or even thinking about going there and having the girls looked at brings back all those feelings of extreme stress left over from the almost 15 weeks we spent there after their birth. The good news is the Preemie Picnic is the following weekend, and the Apple Festival is right after that, both of those are good things to look forward to. Maybe we'll take Da'Gorgeouses for a visit to the NICU, although they might not let them in, but it would be nice to see some of their former nurses and RT's (respiratory therapists). I think those people get a kick out of seeing their former preemie patients just as much as I get a kick out of seeing my former students (well, most of them).

We still keep in touch with Nurse Carrie, and she's attended both of their birthday parties. It helps that she lives in the same town DrillSgt. grew up in, especially since we held their party at the pizza pub there. I'd like to see Tristan (he was the RT that really worked his magic on our girls..more than once I might add). And Jo, she was another RT, a real sweetheart. Some of the nurses were gone when we went to visit last year, they'd moved on to greener pastures. That's the one thing about nursing, no matter where you go you're sure to be in high demand. I'd really love to see their neonatologist, Dr. Denson, but she moved to San Diego shortly after Da'Gorgeouses left. Funny how people come into and out of your life, yet they leave indelible prints on your heart.




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