Monday, September 1, 2008

Strengthening the Bonds

Maybe because I'm not feeling so well, or maybe because after a few stressful weeks the tiredness has set in, whatever it is, yesterday when I went in to pick up Da'Gorgeouses I was hit with a feeling of how much I miss them when I go to work. How much I miss our morning wake-ups, changing and getting ready for breakfast. How I miss their laughter and silliness with me, with each other. I mean while I'm at work I'm really too busy to think about how much I miss them (except for this past Wed. when Irene the secretary made me cry by telling me the story of her grandson's first day at daycare). When I get home however, it's a totally different story. They are either finishing up lunch and ready to go down for their nap, or they are already taking a nap, which means very little time with Mamá before I have to go back to work at night.

On the bright side, they are strengthening their bonds with Papá and with each other, and we do make sure to have dinner together before I leave. He takes over when I'm gone, and he does things differently. That's okay, each of us has to find ourselves in our new, and ever-changing role as parent of Da'Gorgeouses. Da'Gorgeouses after all, must learn to adapt and function in the presence of different personalities, real life would be much too harsh if we didn't teach them how to adapt. I walk out the door and Papá becomes their strength and protector, their playmate, and even the kisser of owies. No matter what, I am at ease because I know they are in strong, capable, loving hands, the same ones that love and protect me.




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