Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They Made My Heart Melt...

Okay, so Da'Gorgeouses did something super cute at lunch yesterday. They were super tired from our trip to the library for story time (they don't quite get the concept that you're supposed to sit down and listen while the story is being read...not run through the perfectly behaved seated kids and pretend you're an airplane). So, by the time we arrived back home they were hungry and tired. I fed them lunch and while getting things ready for their nap I glanced back at them to see what they were doing. Turns out LongRifle was dipping her finger into the ranch dressing on her plate and feeding it to Pistol. Pistol was just eating it off and asking for more---it was sooo stinkin' cute! Of course, this went on for a little while and then Pistol leaned over and gave LongRifle a big hug and said, "I love you Sissy!" *Sigh* they just make my heart melt!

Don't worry though, because they made up for the cuteness during our evening trip to Lowe's. Let's just say although I love those race car carts, the proximity is just too perfect for hitting, biting, torturing and basically driving each other crazy (all of which took place during our 3o minute trip). *sigh* I suppose it can't all be sweetness.




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