Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Week's Funnies..

  • Marisa told Pistol "thank you." for something she had done, Pistol was walking away and turned back to look at her, nonchalantly saying "De nada."
  • Pistol wanted soda from TiaStela, she was told to come ask me if it was okay. I was in the room and knew what she was supposed to ask me, when I nudged her a little to tell me what she wanted she replied, "Just say yes!"
  • Walked into their room one morning this week and was greeted with large smiles, a big hug and the phrase, "Mamá, you the Queen!"
  • Pistol was playing pretend and said, "I making coffee for Daddy." When Daddy arrived home and sat down with her, she asked him "You want coffee Daddy, I made some." He played along and pretended to drink his coffee. Her next question was, "You want a cookie with your coffee?" Too cute!
  • LongRifle fell down and hurt herself. She came straight over to me and said, "I need a kiss!" "What happened I asked? Where did you hurt yourself?" She turned to face away from me, pointed straight at her tushie and said, "Right there, I need a kiss right there on my nalga!"
  • A bit sad to report but Welo smokes. When they come over for dinner he walks out for a smoke. This week as he was walking out the door Pistol asked, "Welo, you gonna go moke? (without the s)"
  • Both Pistol and LongRifle like Handy Manny. I asked LongRifle why she liked Handy Manny, her reply...."He's CUTE!"


IAmDenise September 28, 2008 at 2:57 PM  

Aww your girls are sooo cute! Just say yes hahaha that cracks me up!



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