Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look At My New Shoes!

In digging around my external hard drive yesterday (which we purchased just shortly after Da'Gorgeouses were born---yes, we had that many pictures) I found this pic taken last month which I had forgotten completely about. Just look at the fun they are having showing off their new shoes, I think those girls inherited the shopping gene from DrillSgt (or maybe their Tia Na-Na?).

Yesterday was a great day as usual, they love Friday's the best. Marisa comes of course and they know they have to take a nap before she arrives. As soon as they saw her they squealed with delight and it was pretty much non-stop fun from there. She brought a cool activity, traced their hand and forearm and used it to make a construction paper tree. They worked on identifying colors and their gluing skills. I think I'll find some cute frames for them and hang them up in their playroom, they'd totally get a kick out of that.




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