Thursday, October 23, 2008

Asking To See The Doctor...

Took Da'Gorgeouses to visit the doc yesterday, day 5 of their sickness, and they were kind enough to squeeze us in during my break between both jobs. My poor darlings have been running low grade temps off and on, super runny noses, post nasal drip, congestion, tremendous night coughing, scratchy throat, general feeling of unwell, alternating between periods of excessive energy spurts and falling into an exhausted heap on the ground, existing on little sleep, not wanting to eat, whining and crying for everything (wait, that last one is me!). Their doc, well she loves them and of course, she's super cautious (as all good pediatricians should be), no cough syrup, no meds prescribed---well, I did come home with an antibiotic prescription with strict instructions to fill it ONLY if they don't get better in 2 days. She also said if the coughing continues for a couple of more days, we'd add a steroid inhaler to the mix. The best thing of all was, Da'Gorgeouses were HAPPY to visit their doctor! They asked "where's my Dr. Sid? I wanna' see my doctor Sid!" Now how many kids can say that?!


Kellan October 23, 2008 at 8:20 PM  

I'm so sorry your babies are so sick - I hope they get better soon and thank goodness you have such a good doctor for them!

Take care- Kellan



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