Friday, October 24, 2008

Social Butterfiles

So they didn't get any better, and to tell you the truth, Pistol got worse. I had to take her back to see the doc and she went ahead and prescribed a stronger antibiotic and told me to fill it, she also added the steroid inhaler. Pistol's cough still sounds horrible but it's a million times better than what she sounded like yesterday morning. The medicine seems to have done LongRifle some good also, she didn't even cough last night. I'm expecting to have a long night again, but I'm also expecting that this will be the worst of it. Next year we're getting those flu shots early, I kept waiting for the postcard in the mail from the immunization clinic, but according to the doc it's been shut down. Oh well, I have to wait until they are better before we can give them the flu shot anyways.

Funny thing though, as horrible as they sounded and as much as their nose was running, the first thing out of their mouth was where we going today? Okay, is that a statement of what they've come to anticipate when I'm home. I will admit, Tuesday's are our library days and every other Thursday we go to MOPS and on the Thursdays we don't go to MOPS I try to take them out somewhere. Of course Friday's are the day that Marisa visits. Since they've been sick this week we haven't been anywhere, I think even they're getting a little stir crazy and missing all the social interaction and external stimuli. I just figure they need their rest and there's no sense in exposing everyone else to whatever terrible bug they've got (although I'm quite sure that's where they got it). Hopefully if they're better tomorrow I'll at least try to take them out back for a little sunshine and maybe some finger painting, that might cheer them up and maybe the sun will make them feel better!


Amber Teal Photography October 24, 2008 at 10:49 AM  

Your girls are adorable. I hope they feel better soon. all 3 of my kids and myself are all sick with whatevers going around right now. ugh. Hope they feel better soon.



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