Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything...

Okay, so poor Pistol has been a little ill these past few days, nothing major just some tummy trouble. She's self-sworn off of milk since it all started and it seemed she was getting better. So today when she asked for some milk before naptime I thought it would be okay to give it to her---turns out it wasn't a good idea, poor kid. Needless to say, she asked for juice tonight (at least the girl listens to her body).

Our Target store finally re-opened, it had been undergoing a major overhaul (complete from the foundation up) for the last 9 months. It wasnt' scheduled to open until Sunday, but lo and behold it was open today. Turns out it was originally intended to be open for only friends and family, but since our town is still pretty small, who isn't a friend or a family to someone that works there now--LOL! If you were looking for anyone tonight you're best bet would've been to go there and find them. So much for a "soft opening," those workers earned their money tonight!

I'm slightly worried about our sewing day, I can't seem to figure out that machine that DrillSgt. bought me so I think I'm going to have to buy a new one (that is a little newer and comes with a manual---LOL!). It's okay if you want to laugh, I'm not sure what I was thinking, I guess I figured how hard could it be to figure something out right?! Yep, I was wrong. So if I show up at your house without a machine GrdnGirl, don't be disappointed, I'll just look over your shoulders (and keep an eye on my girls)! Maybe I'll even check out what you all have (and then I can better decide what I need).

The newly released digitally enhanced Sleeping Beauty DVD is now in our possession, Da'Gorgeouses are anxious to watch it, but I decided to let them wait and watch it with DrillSgt. while I'm at work tonight. They totally loved the popcorn, soda, candy, movie night we had after our family date night last Saturday (yeah, I know, lots of terrible stuff I fed my children, but we don't do it all the time and it's a special treat). You should've seen their faces light up when they saw the candy (btw, I only let them have one---even though they asked for more).

Joan stopped by today. Seems that we'll be having the prepartion transition meeting for their preschool enrollment next month. It's becoming more real, and it's hard to believe that once they turn 3 they'll be headed to preschool. Maybe we can convince them that potty training is a good idea, especially since going to school will make them like big girls. I mean they were interacting with all the other little kids while we were shopping. And saying things like, "Hi! What's your name little girl? Are you shy?" and "Are you shopping with your mommy?" Hello, if they can say that why aren't they telling me, "Mommy, I need to use the potty!"???!!!




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