Friday, October 31, 2008

Well, Actually...

Yes, Pistol's at it again, she's using those big words and she's using them correctly! On Wednesday when I came home from my morning job Da'Gorgeouses were still asleep. I was able to have lunch and just as I was finishing I heard them beginning to stir. Well, actually, LongRifle woke up crying. and that's what woke up Pistol. She must have been surprised to hear her sister crying and I heard her ask, "What's wrong sissy? Why you crying?" LongRifle replied, "I want mama!" Pistol, in an effort to comfort her crying sister said, "Well, actually sissy, mama will be home soon. She's working, but she be home soon." I kid you not, I stared at my mom and said, "Did she just use the word actually?" My mom looked at me and said, "I think so." Not one to leave us wondering, Pistol repeated her statement, and yes, she ACTUALLY used the word, and used it correctly---LOL!




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