Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Couple of Announcements...

Tonight is the big fund-raising event, please say a little prayer! If you'd like to learn more about or donate to the Ronald McDonald Charities, please click on the link provided. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll add the slideshow I sent them.

And before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD/WELO!! Hope you have a super special day (and thank you for watching Da'Gorgeouses on your birthday)!! I pray that your day is as special as you are. Thank you for ALL the wonderful things you do for us, and for being such an AMAZING Welo to Da'Gorgeouses. They sure do love you so be sure you take good care of yourself! xoxo


Anne, Eliza Grace's mom November 8, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

I would love to see the slide show! (I have yet to figure out how to make one of Eliza's photos). I hope the fund raiser is a success. RMH is a wonderful cause.



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