Friday, November 7, 2008

Twice Blessed...

I've written before about how much I love Da'Gorgeouses pediatrician Dr. Sid. Well, here's another example why. She told me to call and schedule and appointment for their flu shots as soon as they were better. I did but the front desk people said the earliest I could get them in was November 25th, I explained that Dr. Sid had said she wanted them in as soon as possible and the lady responded that the best she could do was November 21st. Since I had no other option I went ahead and took that one. I then told my mom (RN/Grammy) the situation and she suggested that I call and ask to speak to Dr. Sid personally (she works with her) so I did since I had some questions about the medication anyway. So I call but she's gone for the day and won't be able to call me back until Thursday, no rush right, after all anytime BEFORE the 21st would be great. Thursday my mom works so she leaves her a brief note explaining the situation and leaves her my cell number. Dr. Sid called and personally left me a message on voicemail saying I could bring them in Friday at 4:30---WOOHOOO!! But then, get this, yesterday afternoon she has her staff call us because there's been a cancellation and she wants to get the girls in for their flu shots before they can get sick again. Doesn't she ROCK?!!!

So I wake the girls from their nap, call DrillSgt. and tell him to meet me down there ASAP and explain why. We get there, I take the girls down, explain that they're going to be getting a flu shot like Mommy & Daddy and that it might hurt a little. I also give them each a small package of fruit snacks and tell them they can open and eat them RIGHT after they get their shot (btw, Dr. Sid administers the shots herself). Wouldn't you know it worked like a charm? They winced a little bit, said, "I got a shot!" and then proceeded to eat their fruit snacks. They even gave Dr. Sid a big hug and said thank you on their way out, no problem---even DrillSgt. was shocked. She smiled and told me "You are very blessed!" Don't I know it, I'm not only blessed, I'm TWICE blessed!!




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