Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Thankful For My Inheritance...

I always post about my wonderful immediate family, my mom & dad (Grammy & Welo), and my sis Tia NaNa & her dh NoMike. Growing up it was always just my sister and I (6 years apart in age). Although there is such difference in age between us, we're still very close. Because we were just two, I must admit that marrying, well, not just marrying but being introduced into DrillSgt's family was a very overwhelming experience. As I've said before, DrillSgt. is the third oldest of TEN children. My formal introduction into their family was at my (birth order #5) bil's wedding to his beautiful wife.

Let me tell you, there's nothing like a joyous occasion to be introduced formally to "the family". When I met them DrillSgt's youngest brother and sister were 11-teen and ten (yes, my youngest bil told me he was 11-teen). I remember feeling quite overwhelmed at family gatherings. There were always so many different conversations going on, often times right over your head, and the youngest two would stand in the middle of the room speaking loudly, just hoping that someone would pay attention to them. I remember sitting back, just watching it all happen around me, wondering how in the world they all did it, and feeling totally out of my element. I mean growing up we had extended family gatherings, but those usually involved separate groups of adults, kids playing outside; or if we were all together in one area, there was singing and guitars and other instruments being played (my uncles and aunt had a family band called "Los Santos").

So much time has passed since then, DrillSgt and I are coming up on 13 years of being married, so it's been 14 years since that first overwhelming experience. Through those years, I've been fortunate enough to get to know my inherited siblings very well (I say inherited because when we married, we married INTO each others family---it's a package deal). I've watched them grow, and change, and we've all been there and supported each other through both joyous and difficult times. The 11-teen and ten year old are now in their early 20's (getting ready to formally bring in a couple of newbies themselves). After all these years I've even learned to navigate and take part in all those conversations that still occur all at once, and now it's my little ones standing in the middle of the room yelling for attention. I have also have an AMAZINGLY nice mil, and am ever so glad not to have any of those mil horror stories to share. I'll have to admit, one of the best parts is that I've also truly been blessed with 3 super great SIL's (who married in like me), 2 BIL's one who's been a tour guide from the get go (he was there LONG before any of the rest of us), and a newbie we're all just getting to know (welcome!!), and before I forget...quite a few GORGEOUS/HANDSOME/SUPER SMART nieces and nephews!

Here's a few pics...hoping to catch the others on Thanksgiving (be ready every one!).




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