Friday, November 14, 2008

They NEED A TimeOut

So we were invited to a group picnic at the park. Da'Gorgeouses had a wonderful time feeding the ducks, enjoying a snack and playing on the new playground equipment. Luckily for me, Marisa our favorite was there to lend a hand so that I could take a few pics...

She helped them feed the ducks, Pistol had no fear (although Marisa did a wonderful job of protecting her---you should see the one I took of her in her Mr. Miyagi stance).

She listened as LongRifle explained that the "ducks are crazy, they no listen, they need a timeout!"

Poor LongRifle, she was having some serious issues with those ducks (it didn't help that there were some pretty aggressive ones that hissed at her a few times).

I think after awhile they began to concern all of us (except for Pistol, look how cool she is standing there without fear---she seriously tried to swat one away when it got too close--LOL!!).

There's LongRifle trying her best to convince all of us to put those ducks on timeout, she's not even sure she wants that piece of bread Marisa is giving her.

I have only one more thing to add to today's events. As we were loading up the car to head out to the park Pistol asked for her daddy. LongRifle answered that "Papa working." When I told her she was right, Pistol looked over at me and said, "Mama, you worked yesterday." (Okay, maybe it's just a fluke but seriously she's still too young to understand the whole, today, tomorrow, yesterday concept---right?!!).


paris parfait November 14, 2008 at 8:45 AM  

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Such adorable children you have! Great photos of a happy occasion.

Heidijayhawk November 14, 2008 at 6:33 PM  

ducks are such a huge adventure! looks like you came prepared! a time out with ducks are always needed!



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