Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Big Relief

Yesterday Da'Gorgeouses had a follow-up appointment with the physical therapist connected to the Bright Start program. Their teacher referred them because she was a little concerned when they were first learning to stand that they dragged one of their feet behind them as they stood up from a kneeling position. She said it was better to be safe and have someone qualified take a look at them. Well, today was the follow-up to that first appointment. I'm happy to report that both are doing just fine & are right on target for their corrected age of 14 months. Pistol is walking pretty fast now, she still has her hands up and looks like a little penguin, but she's loving the freedom that walking gives her. LongRifle is still content to get down & crawl if it will get her there faster, but she's walking across the room also. She still loses her balance and she's really careful about falling---I think that may be why she's so cautious when she does walk. The times she has fallen she's bonked her head. It's funny, now when she falls she says "boom!" and then gets up. There were actually 3 ladies observing them, the p.t., o.t. and a p.a.---all were very impressed with their progress stressing that they were doing remarkably well and it was amazing that they were 23 weekers.

The docs appointment we had last week went well also. Although, I have to find somewhere else to get their vaccinations done since it seems our preventative well check max on our insurance has been met. I can't believe how much the doctor's office charges for an office visit and 2 vaccinations---and in our case it's multiplied by 2!! Of course I could go on & on about insurances & health coverage, but I am grateful to actually be one of the fortunate few that have it. Anyway, he did say they were doing well and when I told him how many words they had in their vocabulary, he said they didn't seem to be having any residual problems from being born prematurely. It does bother me a little that he doesn't seem to remember much about them. He asked ONCE AGAIN if they were on any inhalers, especially her he said pointing to LongRifle and stating that she must be since those scars were from chest tubes., they were just from the leads being placed on her chest when her skin was only 1 cell thick. I know he sees a lot of patients but the entire reason we go to him is because he was recommended to us as a doc that works well with preemies. I guess maybe it's a good thing he doesn't know them well, that means they're healthy and haven't had to see him much. Couldn't he at least stop and review their charts for a second before he came in to talk to us---is that too much to ask?


gardngirl November 15, 2007 at 7:29 PM  

Hey Dalia,
Sounds like things are going great with the girls as expected because of the terrific job their parents are doing! : ) I know I see you all soon but to kind of give you a sense of relief, I just had another parent call to tell me that their "well baby" visits had been exhausted and they thought they were going to have to pay for the visits too. I looked into it, and if the girls need to have vaccines, they can have them done free of cost at our office. The IZ program comes there on Wed. & Thurs. each week. You can just walk in and fortunately, they are hardley ever very busy so you guys won't be exposed to sick ones! We can talk more at our visit...Take care!



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