Thursday, November 1, 2007

FINALLY!! Halloween


Is it just me or does Halloween seem like it's been going on forever? Drill Sgt and I were talking last night and this has got to be THE LONGEST Halloween celebration ever. Maybe it's just because now we have kids. Does that mean all the holidays are going to seem never-ending from now on? Someone please tell me this isn't the case.

Anyway, we put on Da'Gorgeouses costume once again (btw, by this time they had already figured out once the costumes went on we were headed somewhere---kind of like when we put their shoes on), and all loaded up into Grammy's vehicle. We drove around looking for a harvest festival we would enjoy, decided we'd better grab something to eat first, then ended up at the festival put on by a local church just down the street from our house. Drill Sgt. and I decided against taking out Da'Gorgeouses for trick-or-treating, no sense in getting them any candy they can't eat and forget about either one of us even wanting the temptation of candy in the house. The Harvest Festival was AMAZING!!! This church really went all out, everything was free of charge, there was a cake walk, hayride, lots of games, there was even a petting zoo. LongRifle especially enjoyed the petting zoo and wanted to break free and touch all the animals, Pistol didn't mind looking at the animals but she was not about to stretch out her hand to touch any of them. They both really loved the puppet show and clapped their hands and danced to the songs being played. I didn't get very many pictures because I forgot to charge my battery---oops!




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