Monday, November 19, 2007

Pistol Up! LongRifle Giddyup!

DrillSgt. and I had planned to go out on a date this past weekend. It wasn't going to be any ol' normal date, we were planning to go out of town & leave Da'Gorgeouses with Welo & Grammy overnight. As fate would have it, our plans were foiled by a little nasty virus called the flu which struck the grandparents down in their prime. I'm quite sure that they would have much rather spent their weekend hugging & kissing Da'Gorgeouses instead of what they were actually doing. I'm glad to say that they did recover nicely and so far, our household has not been affected.

Needless to say, DrillSgt. and I made the most of our date---we went out of town nearby (came home to sleep of course) and were accompanied by two rather rambunctious 18 month old chaperons. On Saturday while we were out window shopping we came across, quite by accident, a yard sale. It was late in the afternoon, around 5 pm I'd say, and by chance the lady still had her stuff out on her lawn. Two bright red child-sized chairs and a small wooden rocking horse caught our eye. We were on our way to Sonic, and had scrounged around and found $10 cash so we wouldn't have to make a stop at the bank, but both agreed that the chairs and rocking horse were worth the stop. DrillSgt. got off just as the lady was putting the rocking horse away. I didn't hear the conversation as I had stayed in the car with Da'Gorgeouses but he came back carrying the 2 small chairs and the rocking horse with a smile a mile wide. He said the lady had wanted $10 for the chairs & $15 for the rocking horse, telling him they had belonged to her son now in his 30's. He said without even asking her, she told him she'd take $10 for the chairs AND the horse.

The next morning DrillSgt. cleaned up the chairs and the horse & brought them all inside. Within minutes they were being explored by Da'Gorgeouses. Pistol was the first to conquer the chairs and LongRifle was the first to figure out how to make that horse giddy up!




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