Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Can I just say that I LOVE it that Da'Gorgeouses love reading books! Today was storytime at the library again and both Pistol & LongRifle sit and listen to the stories (how long this will last I'm not sure, but I'll take it while I can get it). They clap at the end of each story, enjoy watching the other kids dance to the songs & have even begun throwing in a few of their own dance moves. The greatest thing I love the most about Da'Gorgeouses obsession with books is when I sit crosslegged on the floor and they each pick up a book, walk over to me, turn to face away from me and back up until they sit in my lap---mamá, mamá, mamá they yell until I begin reading the book they've handed me. They'll even pick up a book on their own, flip through the pages and use their toddlerspeak to read their book out loud. I sure would like to be able to decipher exactly what they're saying. Now, if I could only get LongRifle to choose something other than Moo Moo, Brown Cow to read to her 20 times in a row.

Thank you tioGGG & tiaC for all the cool books you gave Da'Gorgeouses for their birthday!!




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