Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a TRIP!!

So DrillSgt. came home on Wednesday talking about wanting to take a trip somewhere for the upcoming 3 day weekend. Mind you, we had 3 weeks while he was off for Winter Break, but somehow never got up the nerve to go anywhere. This time though it was different. He booked a room on Friday and off we set out on Saturday. We decided that we weren't going to worry about rushing as the girls needed a few breaks during the 4-6 hour drive. BTW, we headed south to San Diego, our goal, the San Diego Zoo. Last time we headed south was to visit some friends and the normally 4+ hour drive turned into 8 hours of traffic chaos! This trip was so much nicer. We stopped about every 2 hours, got down, stretched our legs, let the girls walk around, had lunch in San Clemente (beautiful btw). DrillSgt. and I were talking about the trip and realized it was so much more relaxing doing it that way. We even commented on how we'd never stopped at any of those places all the years we've been going down south. Without Da'Gorgeouses we might not ever have discovered some of those beautiful touristy cities and towns.

Anyway, the trip to the zoo was a hit with the girls. Pistol and LongRifle were in awe looking at all the different animals live and up close. Pistol was of course rattling off the names of many of them, but the amazing thing was that so was our usually quiet (well not talkative) LongRifle. I guess the trip triggered her need to talk because since then it's been non-stop! I would have to say that the all-time favorite animal we stopped to see at the zoo was the gorrilla, followed closely by the elephant. DrillSgt. and I walked the entire zoo pushing the stroller, next time we plan to take the bus tour---LOL!!! It's amazing the things you learn in a simple (well slightly more complicated now with Da'Gorgeouses) trip.


Childsplayx2 February 11, 2008 at 9:36 PM  

Next time, tell me you're coming and Swee'Pea and TheMonk would be happy to join you at the zoo!



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