Monday, January 7, 2008


The girls are just exploding with their talking. Today there was a lot of parroting at church. Pistol was busy exploring her surroundings, sticking her fingers into a small circular hole in the pew saying circle, when all of a sudden I hear her mimic the Deacon saying "God", she said it a few times just to be sure we heard it and acknowledged it. They both said amen at the appropriate times and of course were very excited to show off their knowledge of peace be with you. I sometimes wonder if they are too distracting to the people around them, but so far everyone just smiles.

Pistol is now saying thank you, at least when we remind her, and they both say your welcome (wocom). They pick up and repeat words we say sometimes. Pistol finally uses the "yeah baby" Welo taught her on her own. There are still a few tantrums here and there, but mostly when they are really sleepy, and usually at night. I think being able to communicate with us has really helped keep their tantrums to a minimum. It's funny but when people ask if they're a lot of work I tell the truth, yeah, but considering there are two of them, they are REALLY well behaved. I've seen some single kids out there I wouldn't take on for an hour!




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