Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crochet Sweater for Pistol

I finally finished the crochet sweater I was making for Pistol today. The name of the free pattern is Baby It's Cold Outside, and was fairly easy to follow. I did have a mistake or two along the way but DrillSgt. used his super X-men powers to help overcome my spatial organization handicap. Pistol loves her sweater! When I was making it I kept telling her my wip (Work in Progress) was for her. When I had almost finished it (it only had tails that needed tucking in and buttons to add) I tried it on her to see how I'd done. It's a little big but will be great for next year, which is okay since it looks like winter has left us here anyway. Well, I made the mistake of taking it off of her to try it on LongRifle, boy did she have a fit! She kept pulling it off of her sister & crying and yelling, "MINE!! My sweater!" I guess when you're one of two and almost two it's good to have something that belongs to you only.




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