Wednesday, April 23, 2008


DrillSgt came home for lunch today. This is not a regular occurence but they are STAR testing for 3 weeks and today his schedule afforded him the time to do it. We had planned to meet somewhere for lunch, but with Da'Gorgeouses sick it just wouldn't have been wise. Not to mention the fact that I'm sure not everyone wants to eat their meal staring at two beautiful little girls with mocos running down their nose.

Anyway, on his way home he stopped to pick up Subway sandwiches. Da'Gorgeouses have only had these sandwiches one other time (on a trip to the park) and at that time they spent most of lunch spitting it out and saying "blech, blech". It seems that since then, their taste buds have changed. Pistol upon putting a bite of her sandwich in her mouth said "DELICIOUS!!" Now, we've been working on this word, but she's never used it without prompting. Adding to her list of unsolicited phrases during their special lunch with daddy was: "Thank you papá, good, and really good." LongRifle was too busy inhaling eating her food to say very much. She did however stop and take a breath long enough to say to us, "uno mas chip please." I try my best not to let them eat too much junk food so when DrillSgt. asked if he should bring chips I told him, yeah go ahead but make sure they are SunChips (after all it is Earth week so we should at least do something---no matter how small---to support the environment).




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