Thursday, April 24, 2008


Let me start this post off by saying that we do our best to set a good example for Da'Gorgeouses. That being said, I just have to write about a conversation that took place today between LongRifle and her tia ta-ta-ta (aka Nina). Ta-ta-ta called to speak to Grammy while she just happened to be at our house having fun and spending some quality time with Da'Gorgeouses. They had just woken up from their afternoon nap and had TONS of energy. Grammy decided to put ta-ta-ta on speakerphone so that Da'Gorgeouses could talk to her. Pistol, who is usually all over the phone to talk to her twin ta-ta-ta, ignored the phone and continued to run around playing. LongRifle however, headed straight for the phone and said..."Hi, big butt!" LOL!! Now this is totally my sister's fault (do her eyes in the picture above give you any indication of what she's like?), since they were little she's told Pistol "you've got a BIG BUTT", squishing her diaper while saying it. So both Pistol and LongRifle use the word butt and nalgas correctly (maybe we could have used hiney or behind or bottom, but we didn't). For awhile now, Pistol has off and on addressed her tia as big butt, but more recently she just calls her ta-ta-ta. LongRifle has NEVER called her anything but ta-ta-ta UNTIL TODAY!! She didn't just use it once, she used it over and over again while speaking to her. Oh well, I wonder if ta-ta-ta will mind that Da'Gorgeouses call her big butt from now on, do you think it is something they will eventually grow out of?? Oh-oh, I hope it never slips out while we're in public!!!

******************Sickness Update*****************************

Da'Gorgeouses are still sick. Nose running, watery eyes, congestion, thankfully the low-grade temp is gone. They are however, snoring at night and waking up looking somewhat tired. I hope this cold is over soon.




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