Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sniffles, Sneezes and Temps

So we didn't go to "school" today because Pistol came down with the runny nose, sneezing and a temp. It was all okay because they seemed to have a good time here at home anyway. LongRifle found a hat this morning, put it on and was parading about acting all cool. Pistol, not to be outdone, found one for herself too. They made sure to smile for the camera I was pointing at them.

Pistol Hat

LongRifle Hat

At lunchtime they were so ready for bed. I guess because of the runny nose they just weren't up for eating all that much. By bedtime it was the same thing. Poor Pistol even asked to go to bed. I really hate that they're sick, they still want to play and have fun, but you can see how much it really wears them out.

We've been utilizing our local library a lot lately. Did you know besides checking out books, audio books and music, they have DVDs you can check out?! DrillSgt. was in seventh heaven when he discovered the multitude of history DVDs they have, and Da'Gorgeouses love all of the cartoons I check out for them. Unfortunately for me, I haven't noticed too many science movies. I really love all the National Geographic and NOVA specials, but didn't see too many of them listed. Since our return date is on Tuesday I head over there after my meeting. Wouldn't you know that today of all day's as I was walking in I noticed a man at the counter had already picked up about 25 of the best cartoons they had. Oh well, I can only hope to be there when he returns them all next Tuesday---Curious George and Clifford are at the top of my list. I also noticed they had a few Pooh's listed too. I can't even imagine being able to watch 25 videos in 1 week, I only check out 3 and usually have to renew one of them because we didn't have a chance to get to it. I wonder how that guy renting 25 all at once has a chance to view them all?? Hmmm...???




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