Monday, April 7, 2008

Hat Days!

DrillSgt & I were supposed to have a date today, my parents had offered to take care of Da'Gorgeouses for the afternoon. It was a great morning however, and too nice outside to pass up a family outdoor outing. So we convinced my parents to go with us to Clovis Big Hat Days, called up my sister and NoMike and met them there. We had such a great time that I'm so glad we changed our plans at the last minute.

Pistol napped on the way up, but LongRifle did not. She kept going like the energizer bunny, but when her sissy was kicking her in the back while in the stroller we could really tell she needed a nap. She kept going anyway and we let them out of their stroller and down for a walk around. Thank goodness we have the monkey backpacks there's no way I would have let them down for a walk without those. There were tons of people walking around and Da'gorgeouses still think everyone else is supposed to keep an eye out for them. It was too funny to see them find each other though, they'd let out a HUGE SQUEAL of delight & say "hi, sissy!" and hug. Even if they were only out of each other's sight for a couple of minutes they'd do that, it was hilarious. When they ran into ta-ta-ta and NoMike they let out another loud squeal (of course she's always happy to have such an enthusiastic welcome from them) and went right up to them. We purchased their b-day gift (a couple of small sized guitars) and ate a lot of food (umm....what diet?!) and had a relaxing day just walking in the sun.

We headed over to ta-ta-tas house and LongRifle fell asleep on the way there. I didn't want to wake her up so I stayed in the car with her for a few then woke her up. She and Pistol had a blast chasing the cats and playing with all the toys their aunt now has for them. Mostly they just like climbing on her and pulling on whatever jewelery she has or messing with all of the cool stuff she has in her living room. Of course we also headed to Chinn's for dinner. By the time we arrived home it was really late and Da'Gorgeouses were exhausted from their fun-filled sun-filled day.




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