Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance and

Remember how I posted that Da'Gorgeouses were going to be partying A LOT in the next coming months, well, today they headed to their cousins b-day party. They had a GREAT time, visiting with family, enjoying the play yard and bounce house in the back and they even danced and played with Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Pistol was a little more reserved when Mickey & Minnie arrived, but LongRifle after a few minutes really warmed up to them. They came with a few party games to play and since someone was always carrying them they had a perfect opportunity to participate. They played musical chairs, hot potato ball, and even danced the hokey pokey, some cha-cha song and the chicken dance. Because I know that LongRifle LOVES to dance I had KC put her down for that game. It was hilarious to watch her, she was interacting with Mickey & Minnie and even copying many of the moves like lifting her feet and turning around. Now I'm wondering if I can get a hold of some of those songs and include them in their upcoming birthday party---I think ta-ta-ta could help with that (hint, hint).

On a more serious note, now that Da'Gorgeouses are requesting to be put into their cribs to go to sleep it seems as if we are holding them less and less. I guess I can understand where they're coming from, it's so much nicer and less restrictive to sleep in your own bed. Poor DrillSgt. though, he's having a much harder time with them "growing up"---lol, I reminded him of how he used to make comments about rocking them for so long to get them to go to sleep and even then, sometimes Pistol wouldn't fall asleep and she'd scream and cry when he put her into her crib. This weekend she asked him to put her in her crib after only 5 minutes, he ignored her and held her a little longer, only to have her ask him again. I told him it was probably bothering her that we were having a conversation and she was trying to sleep. Well, the next night we weren't even talking and she did it again! We put them both down & I followed him out. He looked so sad and when I commented about it, he replied, "I wasn't even talking!". I laughed a little, gave him a big hug, and just said Da'Gorgeouses are just growing up and we have to learn to adjust to them wanting to be more independent. At least they feel safe and loved enough to be able to wean us from rocking them to sleep.


IAmDenise April 8, 2008 at 9:51 AM  

Wow they are so lucky to go to a party with mickey and minnie I am so jealous!

They are getting so big!



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