Sunday, April 27, 2008

Iris Festival

Although Da'Gorgeouses are still sick, we decided to get them out for some sunshine on Saturday. Our local downtown had its Iris Festival going on and we thought that would be a great place for a stroll. We packed up the stroller, and the monkeys (backpacks) and invited Welo and Grammy to go with us. Pistol is not one for the sun, so she did the most complaining...until we took her out of the stroller for a walk about halfway through. It turned out to be the right idea as they had a wonderful time walking around, smiling and waving at everyone and trying their best to get their hands all over everything. They drew quite a bit of attention, people would smile, point and say "how cute" as they passed by. Some even stopped and asked us the usual questions, "Are they twins?" "How old are they?", etc. That's okay, we're used to it and I guess their smiles and waving kind of draws people to them---like moths to a bright light--haha!

That night, Welo and Grammy took care of Da'Gorgeouses while DrillSgt and I headed out for a date. We had a late start as Da'Gorgeouses took a much needed VERY long nap. After dinner we went over to our local theatre and watched a hilarious movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's definitely not a movie you want to watch with your parents, the acting wasn't that great, but I enjoyed the plot. I think I was really due for a good laugh. I noticed as people were leaving the theatre, they would turn back to take a look at the crazy lady (me) that was laughing so much.

Today we took them out again browsing at a couple of stores. We finished purchasing the items we needed for their upcoming birthday party. I think DrillSgt is more excited about it than they are as he kept putting stuff in the basket, this for decorating, how about this for the kids---lol!! He loves that kind of stuff. He said no matter what, it was all going to be much cheaper than last year's party. Yeah, that was outrageous, but it was their first birthday along with their baptism...and the first time they had been introduced to EVERYONE in our family. That was one HUGE party. After the purchase at PartyWorks we went down to see one of our relatives that is visiting from Washington. Its always great to visit with family you haven't seen in awhile.

On the way home Grammy & I sang the "hooray" song with Da'Gorgeouses choosing the names. That song is getting really old, but they love it and it keeps them entertained. Poor LongRifle had a huge coughing fit and ended up puking. She's hilarious though, she didn't even cry and just looked up at her papá and said "I wet." Of course we came home, threw them in the tub for a quick bath and then put them down for bed. I think they closed their eyes and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.




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