Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a Cold

ugghh...Da'Gorgeouses both woke up last night and were up from 330am to 530am. Their cough was just too much for them, and for me. Pistol is the worst off, she sounds terrible.

Their doc said it was just a cold, no ear infection, nothing in their chest. Pistol's throat is slightly red and if they run a temp this weekend or get worse she said to give them a call. She renewed their Rx of albeuterol, 3x/day and said it would help with the cough. Pistol calls them her "teapments" and they both are fine with taking their puffs, as a matter of fact tonight they fought for who was going to go first.

We did put a bigger pillow under Pistol tonight, I'm hoping it helps her sleep better. So far so good.




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