Monday, April 21, 2008

Under the Weather

Well, we made it through the winter virtually unscathed. Looks like LongRifle woke up today a little under the weather. It started yesterday with a runny nose, some sneezing and watery eyes so I thought it was just allergies. Today she ran a slight temp, still the runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. Maybe she caught a cold. We'll see what tomorrow has in store for us, if she's still running a fever we'll have to skip group, no sense in exposing everyone else to what they've picked up. Her appetite and her level of activity didn't suffer, she kept going and going today, just like the energizer bunny. I did notice she wanted to sit and read more books and she sponged up some more words for her rapidly expanding vocabulary.

Pistol has added a new dimension to her personality, one that I'm not sure I'm quite ready to deal with. She's now become VERY DEMANDING. I mean, she'll ask for something (like food or a drink) sees me going to get it, sees me pouring it, and will still continue to scream for it, like it's supposed to magically materialize right now in her hand because she asked for it once. They tell me this is normal, that the evaluations actually ask them to look for this behavior at their age...umm...can I get a copy of that so that I know what I'm in for next??!! Although she knows the word wait, it seems that this is one word she is currently choosing to forget.

I used to bathe them at night, when I had a lot of help, but I now find it easier to bathe them by myself in the mornings. I think it may have something to do with me having more energy and them getting completely dirty during breakfast. Since today was bath day, and we are supposed to go to "school" tomorrow I thought we'd work on that song they sing during circle time. So we started with Pistol's name, moved on to LongRifle's name, then I let them choose who we were going to sing about. They included papá, grammy, welo, nomike, ta-nana (formerly ta-ta-ta), nomike again (his name was mentioned SEVERAL times), Angel, stela, nomike, then they moved onto pig, ant, frog (from Word World), then Curious George, man hat (the man with the yellow hat), then Pooh, and all the characters from there and finally we finished with Mickey Mouse. They asked for a few of those to be repeated more than once, and YES, it was a VERY LONG bath.

Thought for the Day: How long will it be before I can get through the day without some sort of food/drink/etc stain on my clothes from one of Da'Gorgeouses?




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